Working Out – Are We Ugly?

When we work out, we are changing our bodies… we are moving muscles, moving ligaments, moving ourselves. We are making ourselves better physically and mentally.

A designer has stated that we look at our worst…

We all know we aren’t at our most attractive after working out. But how bad could we possibly look? I mean really?

Bad. Extraordinarily bad. Like we-shouldn’t-go-out-in-public bad.Nick-Nolte-on-a-bender bad. Snooki-on-a-Tuesday-night bad. Our proof: French photographer Sacha Goldberger snapped images of joggers in Paris immediately after a sprint, then again a week later in their regular clothes, in roughly the same pose. Place the portraits side by side, and the evidence crystallizes into incontrovertible fact: Running is an invite to the ugly tree.

…however, I contend that we look our best when we exercise. You may be thinking that is insane. However, when we exercise, we are exposing ourselves to others. Our humanity, our frailties, and our inner selves. We are one with our workouts, and our workouts are one with us.

When in the weight room, we are all in essence equal. We are all battling against our bodies. Some may be lifting more, and some may be lifting less, but we are all lifting against the capabilities of our bodies in their current state, and working to change those states in the future, and thus change our bodies for the better.

via How Ugly Do We Look After Exercising? | Co. Design.

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